About me

Hey! I’m Mitch Karas, executive chef and founder of Flour + Eggs. My love for quality, handmade pasta started when I was a kid in New York, helping my grandmother and mother cook our family meals every Friday night. 

My favorite? Meatballs and spaghetti. One Friday, I went to the hospital for stitches. The doctor thought I was crying from the pain. I told him I was crying because my meatballs and spaghetti were getting cold at home!

I loved to make the meatballs by hand (still do!) I still remember what it felt like, dropping them into the pot of marinara sauce that Grandma made from scratch. The smell of the basil and oregano in the air… it’s why I still make my sauce from scratch!

As a teenager, I worked as a busboy, climbing the ladder to Maitre d’. At Marriott Corporation I served as a kitchen as a prep cook and worked the food line. That was when I started thinking about opening a restaurant, but law school called. 

I was an attorney for 30 years, but my love of food kept wooing me. So, I went to culinary school six years before retirement. That’s when I fell in love with so many other Italian dishes! I learned to make lasagna, chicken parmigiana, risotto and more. 

I retired in 2014, and not long after, suffered a massive heart attack. My new lifestyle meant giving up boxed pasta and sauces because of all the additives and preservatives. No more spaghetti and meatballs!?! Say what?!

My health challenges challenged me to find a healthier version of the Italian food I love so much. I remembered Grandma’s recipes and started making the pasta and sauces myself. I use organic flour and cage-free eggs. The difference was incredible.

When my friends, family and even other chefs started asking me to make pasta for them, I knew I had something special!

I launched Flour + Eggs in 2017 and we’ve been growing ever since. The response has been overwhelming! With the advent of our dry pasta anyone can enjoy the taste of healthy, handmade pasta at home.

Soon you can order dry pasta and sauces online or visit us now at the Flint Farmers’ Market for fresh, healthy and tasty artisanal pasta. You will experience the difference!

- Mitch